Organized in 1995, Mar Shipping Company Ltd began as a full service of vessel agency for the most Ukrainian ports. On its basis, European Transport Company LLC was established in 2005, dealing mostly with Vessel Agency & Vessel Husbandry.

Staff of European Transport Company LLC do quality and personal service to every ship for vessel Owners, Operators and Charterers alike, providing full agency services, protective and husbanding on breakbulk, dry cargo and liquid tankers.

In addition, our excellent relationships with the local authorities in the ports we operate in is of great benefit to our customers, as our high ethical standards, reliability and quality of our services is recognized by all parties. Many of our employees were awarded for their skills by International maritime seminars certificates.

European Transport Company LLC is a flexible, fast-moving, independent company. Our goal is to perform our duties in a way that not only satisfy you, but exceed Your expectations.

At any time we are ready to supply our Clients with all necessary information regarding minimization of port expenses as well to provide operative solution of problem which can occur within vessel's call.


  • - to act as MAIN PORT/PROTECTING AGENT, to protect your interests;
  • - to arrange any technical repair/inspections of ships' equipment;
  • - Technical/Chart/Provision supply;
  • - Crew's change operation.

We are working as Port Agents with many global Traders/Charterers such as Glencore AG, Cargill SA, Sucres et Denrees SA, Louis Dreyfus, Bunge SA, ED&F Man, RusAgro etc.

We often give agency service to such Ship Owners as Eastern Mediterranean-Athens, Eitzen Bulk A/S, Thenamaris Athens, Orion Shipping, Pacific Carriers Ltd, Tschudi & Eitzen Bulkers (Dk) A/S, Lauritzen Bulkers A/S and many others.

We are always ready to attend to your business in the following ports on the basis of our Companys branches: Odessa, Ilyichevsk, Yuzhny, Izmail, Reni, Nikolaev, Belgorod-Dnestrovsky and Kherson.

We are ready to attend Your any requests on phone +380 48 7771999 or e-mail