Primary objective of transporting - to deliver a load, without a change high-quality and quantitative the characteristic owner of goods, in destination with minimum expenses. Thus an important role is played directly by transport logistic, which will provide development of optimum charts, will offer the calculation of prime price of transportation, calculation of transit time of delivery of load.

The sphere of activity of department of logistic engulfs all areas of process of planning, organization and realization of rational and inexpensive delivery (transportations) of loads from the places of their production and to the places of consumption, control after all transport and by other operations, arising up on the way followings of loads with the use of modern facilities of telecommunication, informatics and other information technologies, grant the proper information to the owners of goods.
Implementation of all services in a complex with all departments of our company allows to optimize terms and freightage, and also to do delivery of loads outage for a client.