Ship's supply

"Mar. Shipping Company" is involved in technical and shipchandler services of ships in Odessa, Illiychevsk, Yuzhny, Izmail, Reni, Belgorod-Dnestrovsk, Nikolaev, Kherson.

The Company is an associated member of ISSA and offers the following services:

  • Technical supply (we declare and deliver spare parts to any region of the world), that is: spare parts for ships' engines, navigation instruments, safety equipment, cables and wires, steel and polypropylene ropes, metal-rolls, clothes and shoes, pyrotechnics, bearings, fire equipment, gasket materials, lighters, flags, paints, electrodes, lamps and various instruments for measurement. The Company is a representative of "Pervomayskdeizelmach" for the delivery of spare parts and equipment. For spare parts obtained via "Pervomayskdeizelmach" a 10 per cent discount from plant prices will be granted.
  • General ship supply, fresh & dry provisions, galley stores, laundry service. We are the sole suppliers of bonded cigarettes, beer and liquors.
  • Defect-definition of hull and hull structures of ships with thickness measurements ( during the voyage, in the port or at the plant). Our Company is approved by the Maritime Register of Shipping (Russia), the Classification Society DNV and Bureau Veritas to carry out thickness measurements and defect-definitions of hull structures on ships.
  • Composition and studying of hull repair lists. Arrangement and technical supervision of ships' repair at the wharf and/or during operation.
  • Studying of technological documents for structure repair.
  • Studying of draft documentation for re-equipment, modernization of structures and installations.
  • Working out of signal lights location and signal signs drafts in accordance with IRPCS-72.
  • Repair of radio-navigation equipment( during the voyage or/and at the plant ). The specialists have been approved by companies like Krupp Atlas Elektronic, Racal-Decca, Furuno, Data Bridge (Norkontrol).
  • Calculations of ship's gravity and stability, manuals on loading and supporting of corresponding software. Renovation and increasing of tonnage mark.