Ferry service

Our company carries out transportations of loads on regular all-rail-motor-car ferry lines at the Black seaside. Service provides cargo transportation on directions: Russia, Byelorussia, countries of Baltic, Turkey (also trunk-to-trunk to Iran and Iraq), Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia.

A company provides marine transportation and renders the complete complex of transport-dispatch services at transportation of loads on regular ferry lines in a Black sea pool between ports of Il'ichevsk, Kerch (Ukraine), Varna (Bulgaria), Poti, Batumi (Georgia), Derindzhe (Turkey). To ferry transportation the loads of wide nomenclature are accepted, including dangerous and over dimensional in railway mobile composition, SHOOTING-GALLERY, containers, passenger cars, deck and palletized cargoes et cetera