Custom brokerage

The department of custom brokers gives services national and foreign companies as implementation of works on the lead through of custom registration of loads, with registration of necessary document, and also valuable consultation on foreign economic activity, in obedience to the customs legislation of Ukraine and international law.

Due to successful experience the arranged algorithm of work and optimum mechanism of delivery and custom registration of loads of the different setting is created in a company. Our experience of co-operating with public organs and permanent monitoring of market allow us to guarantee custom registration of loads operative in time. We offer to the clients and carry out the complete complex of custom services:

  • direct registration of freight customs declarations is in all custom modes (export, import of transit, temporal import et cetera);
  • grant of consultations on questions of custom registration, in the field of external to economic activity (presentation of necessary legislative acts and normative documents, optimization of taxation of participants of Foreign Economic Activity);
  • accreditation of enterprises and businessmen is in the custom organs of Ukraine (plugs in itself preparation of necessary documents and registration of card of accreditation);
  • registration of letters-concordances between customs for the lead through of custom registration of loads out of place of accreditation of subject FEA;
  • preparation and concordance of package of documents for custom registration;
  • determination of codes of commodities in accordance with UKT FEA;
  • calculation of custom payments;
  • to processing of permissive documents and certificates (certificates of Chamber of Commerce and Industry), certificates of accordance, certificates of origin, hygienically conclusions, ecological certificates, phyto-sanitary certificates et cetera);
  • control of implementation of custom procedures;
  • drafting of external economic contracts;
  • maintenance of imported-export operations;
  • placing of loads on the custom licensed storages and storages of SVKH;
  • filling of all types of transport documents;
  • presentation of interests of our clients is in custom authorities;

The department of custom registration gives services of custom broker in all branches of our company.