A forwarding department is structural subdivision of "Mar of Shipping" LTD. A department is created with the purpose of providing of forwarding services the private and state Ukrainian and foreign companies at transportation and transshipment by auto, railway and marine transport in ports, storages etc. on the basis of international and national positions, governed, requirements, norms and terms. We offer to the clients of service in a transport-dispatch maintenance of loads in Ukrainian ports of Black Sea and Danube river.

The specialists of department know and apply normative documents in practical activity rules, governed acts etc. They will process information on Your cargo, will offer planning of approach and raising of ship under loading/unloading, control after the state of load in port and by freight operations, and also carry out:

  • necessary preliminary concordances with a client and receipts of permissions on advancement of load;
  • everyday socializing with a client and participants of a transport process, get and give the required information on motion of loads in ports and on a transport, use obtained information for the timely and high-quality grant of services;
  • control after the accumulation of loads on a transport, in ports and on storages, control the rightness of warehousing and storage of loads and give information a client and participants of a transport process;
  • inform the participants of a transport process about the expected approach of courts, location and expected terms arrival of loads and transport;
  • organize the lead through of works on weighing of load, determination of quality of commodity, selection of samples;
  • in the case of exposure of disparity of commodity of information, given a client or indicated in a accompanying documents, immediately inform a client about disparity and accepted measures;
  • design shippings documents, acts, transport and accompanying documents, certificates on the basis of request of client in accordance with international, custom, state rules, requirements and norms; know and exactly execute the conditions of the Agreement with a client.

Our clients could be supplied with cargo monitoring daily report throughout of entire journey, which is most significant feature of forwarding service.

Forwarding staff is energetic, experience and ready to serve our clients' best way